Weekly Words: July 1st 2017

Wow. We are in July already. This year is going so fast. I already graduated with my Associate’s. A whole month of summer has gone by. Wow. Anyway, onto the news from this week…

“Dov Charney’s American Dream” – Retail Dive

I like Dov Charney. I know that can be a slightly controversial opinion to hold due to the sexual harassment allegations that were launched against him a couple of years ago (which he has fervently denied) but I do genuinely think he is a good guy. He pays his workers well. He fights for immigration rights. He wants to give people a good life and wants to make good quality products in the process of it. This article, a long-form essay really, goes into depth about the rise and fall of American Apparel, and Charney’s rise from the ashes of his fallen company. He is coming back now with a new brand called Los Angeles Apparel – basically American Apparel 2.0. I’m curious as to how the new brand is going to turn out. Will it be as successful as American Apparel was at its peak? Will he manage to sell $1 billion dollars worth of merchandise again?

“Nike’s Kyrie 3 is Dropping in “Triple Black” with a Marble Twist” – High Snobiety

Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself as a sneakerhead, I’ve really gotten into sneakers recently. I don’t own too many pairs but I love looking at them and there are quite a few pairs on my wishlist. I find myself browsing in Kith regularly now and looking at Flight Club online. Emily Oberg is a good person to look at on Instagram for some inspiration in female streetwear. She has a good balance of cool, masculine pieces and pretty silky slip dresses and heels. The particular shoe mentioned in the article is the latest installment of Kyrie Irving’s Kyrie 3 style. I love the all-black and the marble detail which gives it a luxe twist. They don’t actually go on sale until August 5th so there is a while yet until you’ll see these on the streets. If there isn’t too much of a demand for these I might get a pair myself. Honestly, I kind of want a custom pair.

“American Designer Thaddeus O’Neil Is Locked in a Nasty Legal Battle With a Surf Brand Over His Name” – Fashionista

This story is pretty crazy. CFDA Fashion Fund finalist and current Fashion Incubator member Thaddeus O’Neil has been served a lawsuit by the surf brand O’Neill. In the lawsuit, they say he needs to stop using his surname (O’Neil versus their O’Neill) and change his logo. Despite the fact that they sell at different price points, to different customer bases, with different products entirely, the brand still says there could be confusion. It’s just sad because the logos and names are different yet if O’Neill wins the case Thaddeus O’Neil, a young designer who is just establishing his brand, would have to change the name and logo, essentially undoing the years of work that he has put in. It would also mean that any of his current merchandise which is in production and due to be shipped to retailers would be void, meaning financial loss for the designer who is already spending time and money on legal matters. It’s just sad that such a well-established brand would come after a small designer over something so miniscule. I hope that Thaddeus O’Neil wins.

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Weekly Words: May 27th 2017

“From the archive: Anna Wintour on leaving London for New York”ย – The Guardian

I don’t know about you but the first thing I do when I wake up is check my email. Among the endless promotional codes and spam-like attempts to capture attention from various retailers lies The Business of Fashion’s Daily Digest. One day last week they highlighted this 1997 article from The Guardian on Anna Wintour, posted on The Guardian’s website as a piece from the archive. I’m not sure why they revived a 20 year old article but it was such a good read. It’s amazing to see how things have changed in that time. As I said when I read the profile of Anna Wintour for the site’s print issue, Anna Wintour comes across really well. She is a formidable woman who earned her place in the industry. She has a reputation for being icy and mean yet every piece of journalism I’ve read relating to her paints a different picture. This profile was endearing because she talks about her own career path in the most humble way possible. She also talks about the differences between the UK and the US, something that I can relate to having made the move myself. If you want to read a good throwback article, click the link above.

“Bella Hadid’s New Nike Campaign Pays Homage To ’70s-era Farrah Fawcett” – Fashionista (IMAGES)