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Bella Hadid for Vogue Italia – June 2017

I love this cover. The colors, the font, the styling, the prop – everything works. Vogue Italia’s new EIC Emanuele Farneti has been at the helm of the publication for a mere matter of months but already the direction of the magazine has started to change. Since his tenure began, the covers have been fun, with attention to typography and colors. His first cover, the e-commerce themed spread which I felt was a fun take on the future of fashion, and this cover (his fourth) are my favorites so far. I’m excited to see the rest of the editorial when it is released.

  • Photography– Inez & Vinoodh
  • Styling – Alex White
  • Model – Bella Hadid
  • Art Direction – Giovanni Bianco
  • Hair – Ward
  • Makeup – Wendy Rowe
  • Set Design – Jill Nichols
Editorial, Fashion

“Starker Vereinigt: Stronger United” in Blush Magazine – Spring 2017

My friend and I worked together on this editorial (which got cut down, unfortunately) and article for Blush Magazine at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT for short). It took inspiration from Berlin street style, the fashion collective GmbH, and the whole postmodernism movement that has taken place. The article discusses this in much more detail.

I decided to put together a little video with some further background on the brand plus some outtakes and behind the scenes clips from the day of the shoot. See below some grainy scans of the actual spread. In due time I will update this once the online edition of the magazine is available as a pdf so you can read it clearer. Until then, pick up a free issue if you’re on campus and get in touch with Blush Magazine on Instagram if you can’t get your hands on a copy!

Editorial, Fashion

EDITORIAL: Natalie Westling in T Magazine “Cross Fit Fashion”

I found myself inspired by this editorial in the March 26th 2017 issue of T Magazine featuring one of my favorite models, Natalie Westling, shot by Craig McDean. I really loved the simplicity of this editorial as I think it allowed the impeccable styling to really shine on its own. The prop of the motorbike in the background wasn’t a distraction and I think the images are so much more effective against a solid background as opposed to being shot on a street scene or any other outdoor setting. Marie-Amelie Sauve picked out great pieces to feature and made Natalie into the ultimate cool girl. Honestly, I think that she embodies this persona 100% because I think it is just who she is in her personal life and it’s so believable. I love that about her.  Sometimes models are made to behave a certain way in images to get the look that the stylist or photographer envisioned and it can seem phony if it is too far from who they really are. However, in this shoot I am convinced. Also, I think she looks especially beautiful in these images as her facial features seem more defined than before, with her cheekbones looking more contoured than I remembered.

See the full editorial below:

This outfit is my favorite from the shoot



Nicki Minaj – Dazed & Confused

Confession: I used to be a die-hard Nicki Minaj fan. Name one of her older songs and I can likely recite a verse like a poem. However, in the past year or so I have stopped listening to her music (apart from Anaconda, because you have to love that just for the sheer hilarity of it) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t keep up to date with her.

Keeping up to date with her now means keeping track of what she is wearing. Nicki has an outrageous style, or used to, that has gotten her lots of attention in the past. I’m not sure she is really thought of as someone with good taste or classic style, but she is thought of as someone to watch. Although she is playing it a little more safe now, which is doing her wonders. She looks good and that is undeniable.

This month she has landed herself the cover of Dazed & Confused magazine’s AW issue. Well, two covers really. One side is the classical beauty in a Chanel suit, looking prim and proper. On the other she is clad in La Perla underwear and Miu Miu rain boots and coat. Below, I have linked the article. It is a good read and features stunning shots of Nicki. I especially love the one where she is in the Balmain dress and the other where she is in the Marc Jacobs: she wears it better than the model did. Take a read.


ARTICLE “Nicki Minaj: her Minajesty“: Written by Phoebe Lovatt, Styled by Robbie Spencer & Photographed by Jeff Bark




Best of 2013 – Editorials continued

This post is a continuation of one posted a couple of days ago which you can read here. In that post I showcased work from British Vogue, Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris. These are the magazines I pay the most attention to. I also have a subscription to i-D magazine which I have decided I will not renew when the time comes because I am definitely not cool enough to be reading it. I have no idea who they talk about and my interest in discovering new music and art is minimal. Most of the time I see editorials posted on tumblr or instagram and subsequently look at them online to see them in full. Here are a final 5 which I have enjoyed this year.

Vogue Japan Beauty – September 2013

Model – Patricia van der Vliet

Photographer – Lacey

177593-800w 177594-800w 177595-800w 177596-800w

Numero Tokyo

“In The Mood” – March 2013

Model – Frida Aasen

Photographer – Jonas Bresnan

I personally think Frida Aasen should’ve hit the big time around the same time Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson did. It disappoints me how her career still hasn’t taken off in the same way their’s did. She is a real life, flawless Barbie doll who I am continually rooting for to land a big campaign to get her on the model-map. I am going to include the editorial in full because it truly is wonderful.

155932-800w 155933-800w 155934-800w 155935-800w 155936-800w 155937-800w 155938-800w 155939-800w 155940-800w 155941-800w 155942-800w 155943-800w

Harper’s Bazaar

“The Best of Couture” – May 2013

Model – Sui He

Photographer – Katja Rahlwes

155448-800w 155449-800w 155450-800w 155452-800w 155453-800w

“Off The Runway” – April 2013

Model – Martha Hunt

Photographer – Laurie Bartley

185731-800w 185732-800w 185733-800w 185734-800w

V Magazine

“Prime Time” – Spring/Summer 2013

Models – Naomi Campbell & Lindsey Wixson

Photographer – Sebastian Faena

143814-800w 143819-800w 143804-800w 143817-800w

On a final note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Best of 2013 – Editorials

As the year comes to an end I thought it would be apt to have a final round up of my favourite editorials of the year from the 4 main Vogue’s minus American as I didn’t see anything I particularly liked there this year (so British, Italia & Paris).

I do not know what makes the perfect editorial, I’m not sure anybody can have a fool-proof formula. I know that I like to see a model who I like, a well styled outfit and an overall aesthetically pleasing image. This post will be very photo-heavy so beware.

British Vogue

This is a magazine that I have a monthly subscription for, which upon receiving the letter telling me it was time to renew I questioned for a while. Overall I enjoy the magazine. Sometimes they write interesting articles and have some decent editorials; other times it’s just Cara Delevingne and the rest of the British fashion clique along with some dull articles about middle aged women and their new pursuits in the country. I understand I am probably not their target market being a normal teenager from an average income family who can’t actually afford anything they put on the pages. What made me renew my subscription was the hope that it will improve in the new year (not looking good as Cara is on the January cover) and the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s September issue.

“Somewhere Girl” – November 2013

Model – Andreea Diaconu

Photographer – Glen Luchford

202015-800w 202016-800w

“Heartbreak Hotel” – April 2013

Model – Guinevere Van Seenus

Photographer – Javier Vallhonrat

166679-800w 166681-800w 166687-800w

“Orient Excess” – March 2013

Models – Fei Fei Sun & Sui He

Photographer – Mario Testino

165606-800w 165607-800w

Vogue Paris

All three times I have been at the airport this year I have picked up a copy of Vogue Paris and every single time I have enjoyed what I have seen. Reading them has also helped me try to keep up my small understanding of the French language from school. Every issue I’ve bought has a cover to triumph the British Vogue’s equivalent of that month and made me wish for a subscription to this edition instead.

“Les Feux de la Nuit” – June 2013

Model – Joan Smalls

Photographer – Mario Sorrenti

213240-800w 213245-800w 213246-800w

“Etoile de Lima” – April 2013

Model – Kate Moss

Photographer – Mario Testino

150738-800w 150739-800w 150744-800w 150746-800w

“I Love New York” – February 2013

Models – Natasha Poly & Tony Ward

Photographer – Terry Richardson

137112-800w 137113-800w 137115-800w 137116-800w

Vogue Italia

Unfortunately this year I have only managed to pick up one copy of VI but luckily it was the June edition with Gisele on the cover. Reading the magazine I had literally no idea what the words said, I couldn’t even make a guess, as the language was so unfamiliar yet I enjoyed it so much due to the wonderful images inside.

“Make Me Up” – November 2013

Models – Stella Maxwell, Kate King, Luma Grothe & Carola Remer

Photographer – Ellen von Unwerth

203922-800w 203924-800w

“Glitter” – November 2013

Model – Tiana Tolstoi

Photographer – Serge LeBlon

190000-800w 190005-800w 190006-800w

“Private Elegance” – September 2013

Model – Ondria Hardin

Photographer – Paolo Roversi

182788-800w 182789-800w 182792-800w 182794-800w

“Luxury” – June 2013

Model – Gisele Bundchen

Photographer – Steven Meisel


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I am considering making a separate post for other editorials which I think deserve a mention however I felt it was important to round up the best in the four main Vogue editions as they are undoubtedly the biggest.