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Lookbook Video – Summer Brights

I decided that in my week before beginning my job and internship I was going to style a little shoot. Originally I had planned to bring in a model but then I thought I should just try it out myself, and I think it turned out pretty nicely. What was intended to be just a small photoshoot turned into a lookbook video. Honestly, I like the outcome. It was fun to shoot. I got a new camera so I have been playing around with it and trying to work out the settings etc. This was a cool, creative project for me. Maybe I’ll do some more!

This was filmed at the beginning of June, so two whole months ago now. As I had mentioned before, I started off this summer thinking that I wanted to do styling and personal styling on myself seemed like a good avenue to go down. I thought about making more videos like this for YouTube and doing various lookbooks but alas decided against it. Since I waited so long to post this, the majority of the pieces are unavailable now, having been heavily discounted in the summer sales. Apologies for the inconvenience of this and if I choose to make a similar video in the future I will definitely be more timely!


Zara bralet & pants, not pictured ASOS heels


Zara t-shirt, ASOS dress, Old Navy jacket


Zara top & pants


Zara top & pants


This Season’s Trends Explained

To touch back on a post made previously a couple of weeks ago, I would like to discuss trends once again. As you all know fashion is a fad industry, in the nicest way possible, and things change constantly. What is difficult though is deciding what trends should be embraced and what trends should be ignored. It really all is a matter of personal choice, however some trends are best left on the runways.

For a regular person, (read: not a part of the fash-pack), sometimes it can look a bit odd wearing head-to-toe the latest looks. Having bought online many times and being subscribed to the newsletters from many different shops, I am often bombarded with the mass emails sent out reminding us of the new season trends that we need to buy. Click on the link and you are taken to the website where all the clothing is there to buy. It looks great on the models, great on their ad campaign, but in real life? Perhaps not.

I aim to decipher this season’s biggest trends and figure out how to wear them.


What I am seeing everywhere just now is the colour white. Many publications (magazines, blogs etc) are telling us that white is this season’s colour, which makes sense as light colours are logical for the summer. However, they are suggesting head to toe white outfits, ie. white top, trousers, coat, shoes. Perhaps this could work in the height of summer when the sun is shining bright. However, in general the great British summertime provides us with ample rain and little sun. I feel that it needs to be very warm to wear white trousers without looking a little silly, but that’s my perspective.

For example, I was in a shop recently and seen the most divine pair of white trousers (Diane von Furstenberg, cost about ÂŁ300 :-(, I found a cheap alternative in Zara today though, and thought of occasions when I could actually wear them and struggled to come up with many solutions. I eventually decided that should I ever be on a yacht in the French Riviera they would be perfect.

Also, in March I decided that I wanted to buy some white ripped jeans. Luckily, in a kind twist of fate, they were out of stock when I went to buy them online so I spent the money elsewhere. I also struggled to think of places that I could wear them. I’d say unless you live in a big city you have to play it a little safer in what you wear, I couldn’t see myself wearing them down to the supermarket for example.

This is where trends can become problematic. It is hard to figure out when you can fit them into your wardrobe, and more importantly, your daily life. For my take on the white trend, I am planning to just buy some white tops as they are much easier to incorporate into outfits. I would also love a white duster coat to chuck on top of my clothes but I do worry about looking like a surgeon who has got lost on the way to the hospital.

Images from ASOS and Topshop

Images from ASOS and Topshop


One that has been commonly named “art school” so I’m going with that name too. In reference to all the artistic directions designers picked up on the SS14 season: from Miucca Prada’s painted face bags and the prints that were rife on the clothing to Karl Lagerfeld’s paint splattered looking clothes at Chanel and everything in between. There was a clear link that could be drawn between many different designers’ collections which formed a clear trend.

I’m not sure if this trend is something that I will partake in myself. I’m not huge on prints, not huge on colours, so logically it’s not the trend for me.

Images from ASOS, Missguided, Prada & Chanel

Images from ASOS, Missguided, Prada & Chanel


This is another trend that I am unlikely to buy into. I am seeing these slide on shoes everywhere. There are all sorts from bejewelled ones (which I may end up donning), plain ones, slightly orthopaedic looking ones, real athletic type branded Adidas ones; you name it and there is likely to be a variant. I like how there is such a variety that anybody can buy, however once again, not many places for me to wear them to. Perhaps if I was in the world of work and had more of an opportunity to wear what I wanted instead of school uniform, but realistically I will get little wear out of them. However, they are popular and many people seem to be wearing them. And a plus, I hear they are very comfortable.

Images from Topshop, Nike, Celine & Vogue UK

Images from Topshop, Nike, Celine & Vogue UK


I am aware that there are so many more trends prevalent at the moment but I feel like these are the main ones and certainly the ones that I have seen the most in real life too.