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Fashion Flashback: Lanvin Fall 2006

When I was typing my initial thoughts on this collection I put “Playboy bunny bow ties mixed with tailoring, bubble hems and satin, tulle and ruffles”. I stand by my thoughts. I’d call it moody ballet chic, which works for me given that Lanvin makes the most beautiful and cushioned ballet flats ever. I like the dark colour palette used in this collection because I think it contrasts with the girly nature of the clothes. The light, sheer tulles and feminine shapes work because of the dark colours, not in spite of, in my opinion.Β To me, this collection is what I think of as sexy. The plunging necklines are accentuated by silky bows around the neck. Honestly though, I think this collection looks very of its time. I’m going to pin that on the satin.

This collection is what I think of when I think of Alber. I kind of miss him. I was never the biggest fan – Lanvin wasn’t one of the shows that I’d specifically look out for on the calendar – but I appreciate his work and it’s consistency. I think it’s weird that he is gone, especially because he seemed to be so popular with critics, consumers, and generally everyone in fashion (apart from Abbey Lee Kershaw…). I hope he finds a new post soon, one of a similar calibre where he can show off his skills.





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