Untitled #480

Untitled #480


I can’t make up my mind on outfit blogging. On one hand, I hate it. I really don’t care to look on a blog to see somebody’s outfit, unless they’ve practically made an editorial (in which case, I could never do it because I don’t look like a model, nor could I pretend to). I’d rather look on Instagram for that. On the other hand, I love it. I love clothes and seeing how different people wear them. How I’d style something is so different than how others would and vice versa.
Recently I’ve started watching a lot more YouTube channels that cater towards fashion. It has taken me literally years to find channels like this (they all seem to be make-up ones) but once I’ve found a few, YouTube recommends others. I love watching people’s videos, especially outfit videos but I hate the long, drawn out posing that people do. I suppose you have to do this to show off the clothes but I can’t help but picture myself doing it and just cringing.

I want to showcase my outfits somewhere. I think it’d be fun. However, I know that I’d never have the confidence to do anything like that. For one, I hate getting my photo taken. I am not in the least bit photogenic. How come bloggers and vloggers always are?

For now I think I’ll stick to Polyvore but in the future maybe I’ll branch out. We shall see what happens.


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