Celebrity & Red Carpet

Diane Kruger in Alexander McQueen

I remember back in about 2006/2007, I used to make Powerpoints on my mum’s laptop of celebrities with the best style. They always included Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham (I loved her WAG look back then), and Diane Kruger. I had literally no idea who Diane Kruger was. I didn’t know she was an actress but I did know that she was always immaculately dressed, which I found out from the many InStyle magazines that I used to stock pile. With Diane, things haven’t changed. I still haven’t seen a single movie of hers but I do continue to see photos of her looking great. 

Recently, she wore an Alexander McQueen dress to an event and looked damn brilliant. Now I have said a few times before that I’m not a huge fan of Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen but often when I actually see it on people, minus the ugly runway styling, it looks good. The dress is from the Spring 2015 show and is pretty and girly, but not childlike. It is covered in floral appliques and has ruffles all down the skirt. It sounds hideous when it is described and words really don’t do it justice. I just think she looks stunning. What do you think?


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