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10 Looks From Spring 2015 Catwalks That Nicki Minaj Should Wear

After my near psychic experience with Nicki Minaj and her wearing of the Saint Laurent sequinned leopard print mini dress at the EMAs, I have appointed myself her unofficial stylist. Yes, a bit rich coming from a random person on the internet who has no relation to Nicki at all (although I did meet her that one time), but still it’s just a bit of fun. Nicki is the ultimate person when it comes to fashion just because she is brave. Nicki tries out anything when it comes to fashion, like really the most outrageous costumes are nothing to her. She has zero fear. It is because of this that she can be moulded into anything, fashion-wise. The most avant-garde designers cater to Nicki but everything she wears aren’t always wild. Nicki does crazy, sexy, classic, fun: you name it and she suits it. Anyway, I am going to use this post to choose looks from the Spring 2015 runways that I think that Ms Minaj would wear well – whether it be on stage, to events or just in daily life. PS – Nicki, if you see this and choose to wear any of these looks, get in touch… Let me add this to my CV. Hahaha.


I’m going to cheat on my list, instead of just 10 looks I’m going to choose 10 designers (some may have multiple looks). Let us commence…

  1. ALEXANDER WANG – Nicki is already a fan of Alexander Wang so it is pretty much a safe bet that she will wear some pieces from his collection. She has already been seen in one of the Stan Smith inspired white and green tennis dresses at the EMAs. She attended the Spring 2015 show, so she will definitely have already seen all of the looks, it just comes down to what ones she will actually want. I have chosen the two below because she typically favours shorter styles and I think the pleated skirts would create great movement.
  2. CHANEL – I have chosen some looks from Chanel because it is a brand that has status and is synonymous with wealth. Nicki has name dropped Chanel in a couple of songs before so it is likely that she would be glad to wear the brand. I have chosen a two piece skirt and top coordinate, worn by Lindsey Wixson on the runway, because of its cropped style and matching print, something that Nicki is fond of. I also chose the cardigan look (leg warmers optional) worn by Gisele because it reminded me slightly of Nicki in the Dazed shoot wearing Marc Jacobs. The knitwear is sexy but in a subtle way. Finally, I chose the mirrored-style cocktail dress with the Chanel belt because of the sheer panels and the belt mainly. 
  3. DOLCE & GABBANA – Dolce & Gabbana is one of my favourite brands, and a brand that I wish Nicki wore more often. The Sicilian glamour is something that I wish I could embody. First I chose the lacy cami top and bejewelled jeans ensemble because it was probably one of my favourite looks of this entire season. Secondly, I chose the black lace mini dress with the gold and jewels just because it is so beautiful and I can imagine Nicki looking brilliant in it. 
  4. BALMAIN – A Nicki Minaj outfit list would be incomplete without Balmain being mentioned somewhere on the list. I didn’t actually see very much from this collection that I thought would be perfect but I thought that this dress was suitable. Nicki mentions Balmain in the song Anaconda and wears the FW14 collection in the video. However, a new season means new looks and I am sure that Nicki will wear something from the collection. I have chosen this black and white dress.
  5. MOSCHINO – Back in 2010/2011 when Nicki first hit it big, she was famous for her Barbie image so Jeremy Scott’s collection for Moschino seems perfect for her. I mean, the image is much more toned down now, perhaps she has even retired the character? However, I felt that it would be sinful to pass over this collection.
  6. BALENCIAGA – Designed by Alexander Wang, a Nicki favourite, Balenciaga seems like a clear choice. I chose this little back playsuit because I thought the sheer panels were fun and provided the right amount of coverage. I can imagine Nicki wearing this on stage to be honest as it affords her the room to move around and dance. 
  7. JEREMY SCOTT – Nicki wore a lot of Jeremy Scott in the past (like say circa 2011) and was actually in an Adidas commercial with him. His designs are so wild and usually unwearable, but often there are a couple of pieces in there, that out of the show context, could actually be worn. I chose this psychedelic print dress first because it is something that I can see her wearing (or has she already worn it?) and next I chose two looks which I intend to be worn together. First, a patchwork bomber jacket and secondly, the matching shorts. Underneath the bomber jacket I imagine her wearing a sheer lace black bodysuit.
  8. VERSACE – Donatella’s woman is strong, sexy and confident. If Nicki Minaj doesn’t perfectly fit that description then who does? The pieces I chose from the Spring 2015 collection are quite varied. For example, the pink shorts suit is a little bit different from what she normally wears but I can imagine her looking great in it. Similarily, pink and red skirt and dress combination are a little different because of the asymmetric length of the skirt. Finally, the large grid mesh coordinates are a little more traditional Nicki and the aqua colour would look brilliant on her.
  9. DAVID KOMA – I love David Koma, I have said this so many times and I will probably repeat it until I feel I have been sufficiently heard. Now, don’t quote me on this, but I don’t think that Nicki has worn David Koma before as he is a relatively new designer. I can’t remember ever seeing her in his designs anyway. I think some of his stuff is similar to Versace, or even the most recent Versus collection. His Spring 2015 collection was so strong that I struggled to whittle it down to just a select few. The ones that I have chosen are pieces that I think that Nicki would actually like herself and perhaps even choose. 
  10. ALBERTA FERRETTI – I think if Nicki wore either of these outfits, she would look so pretty: because that’s what they are. These outfits are girly and feminine. I think she would be more likely to wear the crop top and shorts combo but I love the little strappy dress. I think it is stunning. I can imagine her in it and I kind of wish she would wear it. The colours in the dress would make her skin look radiant. Also, I hope she would wear the entire looks with the shoes included because really, the styling of the two are on point.

Now obviously there were many more looks that I could see her wearing but I don’t want this list to be too long. Two designers that she is very fond of, Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent, were two that I didn’t find many outfits that I could see her in. For Saint Laurent, I think she would definitely wear this dress (linked). As for McQueen, often the clothes that people actually wear are a hell of a lot different than those seen on the runway. For that reason, I think it is important not to rule out an appearance in the brand. If any of my predictions are right, I will be very happy. If this list were anything to go by, I have Nicki dressed for all public appearances for the next few months. I enjoyed making this list, perhaps I shall make another one when the Fall 2015 collections are out? Let me know.


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