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This Is Not A Moschino Toy

Since Jeremy Scott has jumped on board at Moschino, the fun has been injected in. Like a shot of vodka, his style hits you quickly. He has started a new era at Moschino; one that is returning to the fun of the brand’s founder, Franco Moschino, who is remembered for his witty and provocative designs which did exactly what Jeremy is now doing – poking fun at fashion, taking an industry which takes itself so seriously and reducing it to something more playful. Playthings, however, are off limits (or are they?) as shown by Jeremy Scott’s first fragrance for the brand. The bottle is a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt with the tongue in cheek message “This Is Not A Moschino Toy”, even though that is exactly what it looks like.

Coming out just in time for Christmas, I imagine that this will be a best-seller, just like practically everything else Jeremy Scott has done for the brand. I even want it. I think it is adorable. Regardless of how it smells, it is a scent that people will buy for the sheer novelty of it. The bottle, or bear, is magnificent. It’s cute and fun and a million miles away from all of the regular perfume bottles on the market. At $110 per bottle, it’s not cheap but I fail to believe that it will deter people from buying it. The fragrance is unisex, so anybody can wear it, hence making it the perfect gift for literally anybody who appreciates a bit of fun.

My only gripe with the product? The fact that you have to behead the poor bear just to spray the fragrance. Apart from that, totally adorable. Up next, a Moschino teddy bear, you know a real cuddly toy? Please Jeremy.


Moschino “Toy” can be purchased online at and is reportedly exclusive to Harrods in the UK.


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