I love boots. If I could wear one type of shoe all year round, it would be some form of boot. And realistically, I probably have worn them about 300 days out of the year. (British weather isn’t brilliant.) This past year, I have also developed a liking for stilettos. They are my heel of choice. I am over wedges; I literally threw out all my wedges that I owned. Block heels are a thing of the past for me too. Now, if my shoe is not a flat, it has a skinny heel, or as it is more commonly known, a stiletto.

Left - Balmain Right - Missguided

Left – Balmain
Right – Missguided

Fun fact about stilettos: they are named after a type of dagger. Stiletto heels came into fashion in the 1950s, and have stayed ever since. Apparently they made a bit of a disappearance in the 90s, when it was all about chunky, block heels and high powered careers. (Stilettos were too sexy, not serious.) But really, stilettos make me feel confident. You walk taller, you have to keep your calves flexed and you rarely slouch.
The way in which they alter your posture is part of the appeal, I’d say. Sex is what stilettos are connected with. How a shoe can be seductive is an odd phenomenon, however it is very real. Something else that is considered sexy is knee high boots. A combination of the two can often reach almost fetishistic proportions (think kinky boots). However, when done correctly they can look elegant.

A lot depends on the material of the boot. Suede and matte leather, no problem. Patent leather, a bit of an issue: think about the aforementioned kinky boots. Luckily, the two that I am showing are suede, or imitation suede anyway. Moreover, the colour plays a huge part. The Balmain boots are a stunning colour, called Deep Jade in the description; Missguided’s offerings are navy. The pair look very similar however. Both boots feature a pointed toe and a 4 inch heel.

Enough with the technicalities though, that’s not what is important. I think knee high boots are a wonderful thing to own, especially in the Autumn/Winter period when the temperatures start to drop as they keep a large portion of your leg covered up and therefore warmer. Boots can be dressed up or dressed down which usually means you get your moneys worth. Think about wearing these boots (either pair) with skinny jeans and a cosy knitted jumper, or to work with a dress and opaque tights. They can go with almost anything. And both pairs feature heels which aren’t too high, meaning no problem walking in them. These boots are made for walking, as the cliché goes…


Balmain (at – £562.

Missguided – £39.99.


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