SHOPPING FIND OF THE WEEK – Gucci VS Marks & Spencer

I am officially crowing Marks & Spencer the King of designer “inspired” looks. This season, they have quite blatantly copied items from the catwalk, most notably from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. I’m not mad about this but I’m just pointing out that I have really noticed it. I have already posted a coat, the blue belted one, which looked eerily similar to that found on the Gucci catwalk. Following on from this is a pair of boots, also heavily Gucci inspired.

Left - Gucci Right - Marks & Spencer

Left – Gucci
Right – Marks & Spencer

Whilst Gucci’s boots were knee high (in the campaigns anyway), these are ankle boots. However, the unmistakable similarity is the blue snakeskin print which, this season, is instantly recognisable from the Gucci campaign images in which they are featured. Now, I first seen the M&S version of these boots in Vogue back in August and I instantly knew that I wanted to buy them. I went into my local Marks & Spencer store religiously for weeks on end waiting for them to turn up, and they never did. When I had given up all hope, on chance I was on the M&S website and I spotted them.
And of course, I ordered them straight away. At £35 they are a bargain. I bought them because you can usually trust Marks and Spencer to deliver good quality, especially for such a good price. Now, these boots are quite clearly just a trend piece. In 5 years time, I may look at them and think they are awful but just now I am so into them. I think they are a good, accessible way for me to interpret the snakeskin trend and try out the Gucci look.

Gucci boots on the runway

Gucci boots on the runway

Boots in campaign

Boots in campaign


Marks & Spencer – £35 (they also come in a pink colour too)

Gucci – £1360 for the ankle boots, £2180 knee high with lower heel (the ones from campaign images) and £2270 for knee high with high heel.


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