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Galliano for Margiela

Kate Moss & John Galliano photographed by Tim Walker for British Vogue - December 2013

Kate Moss & John Galliano photographed by Tim Walker for British Vogue – December 2013

Today, 6th October 2014, is the greatest day in a long time. For three and a half, almost four, years now fashion has been gradually been getting dull. First in 2010, Lee Alexander McQueen died and then the year after in February 2011, John Galliano was fired from his position of Creative Director at Dior. The fashion world has suffered ever since. Dior, in particular, has become ridiculously boring and just pretty instead of being a talking point. Fashion, in general, is dwindling. The creative, theatrical spark which is thrives on has been almost put out by the loss of the two aforementioned designers. Now, after what has seemed to be a decade but has really only been three years, John Galliano is back.

Christian Dior - Spring 2011 Couture

Christian Dior – Spring 2011 Couture

Back doing what? Well, he is now the Creative Director for Maison Martin Margiela. It sounds like an odd pairing when you put it down on paper but really, it is an exciting prospect. MMM is the definition of understated, un-luxurious luxury. The house is known for its founder’s almost anonymity: he has been seen only a handful of times, although he stepped down from his post in 2009. John Galliano, on the other hand, is a big personality. His designs are theatrical and ooze creativity. They are the antithesis of the archetypal purpose of Maison Martin Margiela. So how on earth will this combination work? God knows. But I am so enthused to see what will be produced. Renzo Rosso, owner of OTB (a holding group which owns MMM, Marni and Viktor & Rolf, amongst others), said “Margiela is ready for a new charismatic, creative soul” and that is exactly what John is. He is due to show his first collection for the house in January 2015 at Couture Week in Paris and will subsequently take over the ready-to-wear lines, both menswear and women’s clothing divisions also. I feel like Galliano is going to completely transform the brand, mould it into something totally different than what it is today. How long he will stay in his position of Creative Director is unknown and really unforeseeable. Will it be as long as his tenure at Dior or will it be a shorter stay like his at Givenchy back in the 90s? Either way, I am so glad that he is back. He really has been missed.

Maison Martin Margiela - FW07

Maison Martin Margiela – FW07

The road to his return has been rocky and has been chronicled by a series of small glimmers of hope. Think his short three week stint at Oscar de la Renta back in the FW13 season, or his guest editorship at British Vogue last year, or even his cancelled teaching gig at Parsons in New York. Now it is for real. After all the rumours and buzz surrounding him in the past, this has been confirmed. So let’s hope that he has been forgiven and that the past is now in the past and then let us move forward into what is hopefully a long and exciting future for him.



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