SHOPPING FIND OF THE WEEK – Gucci VS Marks & Spencer

Gucci was one of my favourite shows of last season. It revived the swinging sixties, a trend that has swept the shops like a tidal wave. Sixties style is everywhere; from boots to skirt, dresses to coats. You can’t ignore it, and if you don’t like it, too bad. It is without a doubt the defining trend of autumn 2014. Many people don’t like that designers have looked back into the past as opposed to pioneering foward; something that fashion is meant to do. I have seen people call designers who look back for reference lazy. I have to disagree. That sense of nostalgia that we feel looking into the past is always welcome. Whether it is because you have lived through the craze when it first originated or have only lived it through the memories of others and moments that have been captured, be it on photograph or film, the feeling is the same.

The silhouettes of the sixties have been adopted by many designers the past season and rolled out into high street stores subsequently. One item in particular that I have found that is pretty much an exact replica is the below coat, found at M&S. I noticed the similarity when I was reading this month’s British Vogue (October 2014) and seen the Gucci original featured on one of their shopping pages then less than a dozen pages later seen an advert for Marks & Spencer featuring virtually the same coat: the only noticeable difference is the price.

Marks & Spencer's more budget friendly alternative that poses the threat of being labelled an absolute copy

Marks & Spencer’s more budget friendly alternative that poses the threat of being labelled an absolute copy

Taken from Gucci website

Taken from Gucci website

Ok, that is a slight exaggeration but really, the resemblance is uncanny. I will be thoroughly surprised if Gucci do not file some form of lawsuit against M&S for this. It must be a breach of copyright laws, however hazy they are in fashion. The main differences between the two coats is that the M&S one costs just £90 whereas the Gucci one is over £1500. The Gucci version is made of mohair, making it nice and fluffy, whereas the high-street copy is 59% polyester, 37% viscose and 4% elastane; I seen it in store this week and thought it looked extremely high quality however. Also, M&S’s version has pockets, something that Gucci’s does not boast. Besides that, the differences are very few.

Go ahead, treat yourself to what has to be the finest high street copy of a runway look that I have ever seen. But be quick, it is selling out fast!


Gucci – £1570

M&S – £90


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