Fashion News Update’s app is one that I have had on my iPhone for as long as I can remember. It is one that I usually only open during fashion week, or occasionally for reference when I am looking for something specific. For the longest time, it has crashed. There were constantly bugs that needed fixed; shows were slow to update; almost always errors. The first day of NYFW, I clicked on hoping to view what had happened so far and I was disappointed when my app crashed once again. A day later, I think, the app had received a whole new update and boy has it done a world of good!

Perhaps the riskiest time possible to completely overhaul an app that is essential for us: during fashion week. However, so far I have found the new app to be sleek and speedy. Almost instantly are the shows updated. No crashes, no bugs, no drama. It is to the point; when you click on it there are now just two options – latest shows and all shows. “Latest shows” provides you with images from the shows as soon as they become available. They are in the order of the show schedule, allowing you to stay on top of things (we all know how difficult that is considering the absolute mass of shows there are now). The “all shows” section is the archive of, as you guessed, all shows from each season. Click on the season, say spring/summer 2006 and you have all the collections in alphabetical order. (Similar to how it was on the old app, but minus all the problems). Also, the backgrounds are now white meaning the app has a whole new fresh feel about it. The actual website also seems to have received an update creating an overall, easier to use interface.

As always with technology, there is a trial and error process and you never know what is going to happen. Yes, perhaps it was a bit of a walk on the wild side to completely re-design an app for fashion week, but I’d say the risk has paid off. The new app is well worth it.


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