An Unorthodox Big Day

Weddings bore me. I’m not one of those girls who has always dreamt of a big white wedding with a princess dress and a thousand guests and the six-tier-cake with alternating layers of chocolate, fruit and sponge with bride and groom figurines atop. When I put it like that it sounds like I have, but I promise you the opposite. I have little interest in weddings and don’t exactly plan on getting married either. If I do marry, it’d definitely be a small ceremony with literally less than 10 people hopefully. A big day with all the focus on me is not something that I fancy. I would never be having a Kim Kardashian style extravaganza.

In amongst all the chaos of the big day, the bride’s main priority (or certainly mine) would be the dress I imagine. Your wedding day is that one day of life where every woman gets to be the fairy princess, or something along those lines. When the bride is walking down the aisle, all eyes are on her. I can imagine it being the every day woman’s version of what the models walking in the armadillo shoes at Alexander McQueen’s “Plato Atlantis” show felt like – the high likelihood that you might fall on your face in front of anyone. And yes, whilst most brides wont be wearing shoes quite as ridiculous as the aforementioned, the nerves of the ceremony could make anyone weak at the knees and ankles.

The chance of falling aside, the dress is what makes me least want to have a big do. I hate the big gowns that make you umpteen inches wide with trains that trail so far behind that you could trip up all your guests or be trampled on. I mean, that’s not to say you should avoid these dresses – you do you and I’ll do me. There are also many beautiful, sleek alternatives to the traditional big gown. But really, I’m not interested in wedding dresses – I care about fashion. I’ve decided to round up some of the more fashion-friendly alternatives to the conventional gowns, something a little more me.

  1. Olivia Palermo’s wedding outfit was simply divine. If I were getting married I would want something similar. Designed by Carolina Herrera, Olivia wore a three-piece of a cashmere jumper, shorts, and a patterned tulle skirt overlay with a deep slit. She looked effortless and insanely chic. Such goals.
    Olivia with her husband. Photo taken from her website.

    Olivia with her husband.
    Photo taken from her website.


  2. Marilyn Monroe was married twice. Well thrice, but twice when she was famous. First to baseball player Joe DiMaggio and second to playwright Arthur Miller. For the Joe DiMaggio courthouse wedding she wore a fur trimmed cardigan and what I think is a black dress underneath; I have read online that the outfit was dark brown however. Moschino Cheap and Chic currently make a similar cardigan but with a black rabbit fur collar, linked here – I’ve seen it in person and it is simply gorgeous and the fur so soft. For her second wedding, to Arthur Miller, she wore a short veil and a white dress, albeit not a typical wedding dress. It was more casual and cocktail than wedding but she was so radiant in the pictures that you can’t imagine her in anything else.
    A less than traditional get up for her marriage to Joe DiMaggio

    A less than traditional get up for her marriage to Joe DiMaggio

    Marilyn's wedding to Arthur Miller. Note her beautiful veil.

    Marilyn’s wedding to Arthur Miller. Note her beautiful veil.


  3. A non-conventional wedding looks list would be incomplete without mentioning Bianca Jagger’s infamous wedding suit. She wore white but instead of a dress, a skirt suit with a plunging blazer (Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking jacket to be precise) and nothing underneath. She kept things slightly traditional with her hat that had a veil however. A truly iconic wedding look.

    Bianca & Mick Jagger


Of course these are just a few examples of atypical wedding outfits. Many other famous people have done daring moves on their wedding days too. Think Gwen Stefani and her John Galliano designed pink dip-dye dress; Dita Von Teese and her purple gown; Keira Knightley and her Chanel dress that she re-wore to red carpet events afterwards. So shun the bridal magazines and all the unspoken wedding rules. It just shows you that even if you are a wedding-phobe like me, perhaps, should it ever come down to it, there is a look out there for me.

PS – the working title of this post was “wedding looks – olivia palermo = perfect”, I feel like that sums it up pretty damn well.


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