It’s Fashion Month!!

The time has come around once again, fashion month/weeks. Occurring biannually, in February and September respectively, the series of fashion weeks in the four main fashion capitals are immensely exciting. It is then that all the designers, big and small, show off their new season collections and pretty much dictate what we (the general public) will wear in the next season – spring/summer this time around. After all the shows, the magazines and online publications will likely compile trend reports, drawing together any similar threads from various designers’ shows to create an overall “look”. In the spring collections, you often have an idea of what to expect. You know, the lighter and brighter colours, perhaps the regular floral prints that always seem to creep in. You know the quote, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

One of my favourite instagrams

One of my favourite instagrams

Although some parts are predictable, fashion month is meant to be where everything new begins. The new designers, new collections, new styles, new trends. Although innovation is becoming increasingly uncommon in fashion nowadays, and designers are loving to revisit the past, each time around something new comes out. So yes, whilst I can’t pretend that I know all the up-and-coming designers and who is cool, so to speak, I do look forward to certain shows – the classics perhaps along with a mix of the newer brands. Here I have compiled a list of the shows I am most looking forward to seeing in each city (online only sadly, I can only imagine actually attending a show just now) but also, I am looking forward to (hopefully) being pleasantly surprised by other shows that I haven’t even considered yet. Here is my list and my reasoning as to why.


BCBGMAXAZRIA – never ridiculously innovative or interesting but clothes I would like to buy perhaps.

VFiles – usually pretty fun looking.

3.1 Phillip Lim – effortlessly cool.

Zac Posen – always beautiful and elegant.

Proenza Schouler – Always a very hyped show. Also, LVMH reportedly are interested in a minority stake in their company.

Calvin Klein Collection – you know what you are getting with this brand, classic and clean cut.


Felder Felder – one of my favourite shows in London usually, I love their brand and aesthetic.

Topshop Unique – often very trend-oriented, never really new, but always good.

David Koma – another one of my favourites who show in London, I’m still happy about Naomi Campbell wearing his dress on The Face. I wish him much success at this label and also Mugler.

Simone Rocha – another new(ish) designer who I have continually enjoyed. I hope her show is just as good this season as they have been previously.


Gucci – the collection was brilliant last season, lets hope it only gets better.

MaxMara – generally just beautiful outerwear but really that’s all I want to see from them anyway.

Prada – everyone always looks forward to Prada because it truly is a different story each time, you never know what to expect.

Moschino – purely because it will be interesting to see what wackiness Jeremy Scott offers up this time.

Versace – the Versace woman is sexy and stunning and Donatella almost always delivers.


Balenciaga – it will be interesting to see if Alexander Wang can live up to the brand heritage at Balenciaga or if it is too far out of his reach like many people have said in the past. Bear in mind that this is 4th(?) collection for the brand, maybe he needs time to grow into it.

Balmain – I always get excited for Olivier’s shows and kind of wish he would ban his dear friends, the Kardashians, from attending as I feel Kim kind of ruins the collection when she insists on wearing it. Harsh but true, I think…

Mugler – I want to see what David Koma can do at this brand as I really think he has talent.

Givenchy – another show that I usually like that is often ruined by the Kardashians.. Maybe I’m just bitter that they can afford it and I can’t. But really, I like Riccardo’s work and although it is a million miles away from what Hubert de Givenchy ever did, it is modern and really (what matters) is that is it insanely popular, commercially.

Chanel – it’s always fun to see what Karl is going to do next. I hope that this collection is as good as the previous couture one, which I found beautiful, so it will hopefully hush the naysayers who are so against Karl and what he does. And to those who complain that the clothes are too old, remember the target market, the people who actually buy the clothes.

Louis Vuitton – Nicolas’ debut last season was by far my favourite collection, upon seeing it in the magazines this was confirmed. I can only hope that he continues to do so well. Nicolas is really a favourite of so many people, he really speaks to the masses. What he does, we all follow. I hope he can continue this way. PS – follow his instagram, I really enjoy it.

So that is it, although there are likely to be more. I endeavour to do reviews of my favourite collections from each city at the end of each week, along with regular posts during the weeks. I hope this is possible anyway. Also, I can’t seem to find the date of Alexander Wang’s show, does anybody know?

NYFW starts on the 4th, tomorrow. Are you ready?


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