Vogue Paris August 2014 – Cover Story

I LOVE THIS COVER AND EDITORIAL. So much so that I insisted on using all capitals to say that. For this reason, I have chosen to try and make an outfit that is slightly similar to the cover look on Polyvore. Read on to find out more.
Vogue Paris - August 2014

Felder Felder high waisted flare skirt

La Perla bra

La Perla panty

Yves Saint Laurent ankle boots

MAC Cosmetics lipstick
I am so in love with this cover. I have been saying for months now how much I love Anna Ewers and how beautiful she is and I’d say that this cover confirms this. I mean her eyebrows are bleached off and she still looks amazing. I am so here for this over-saturated colours as¬†they are¬†so bright and eye-catching. I will be buying this magazine if I can get my hands on it.
For my Polyvore set, I didn’t want to use the exact items that were on the cover as there would be little imagination in that. I opted for a red Saint Laurent biker jacket as I find it a whole lot more wearable than the Miu Miu raincoat. Instead of the transparent skirt, I chose a patent leather one from FELDER FELDER, which is a brand that I love. I added a turquoise cami top to tie in with the skirt and add a little more coverage as in real life people don’t often walk around with just their underwear on. Finally, I chose a La Perla red underwear set to wear underneath and Viva Glam RiRi for a flash of red on the lips to recreate the beauty look.
The shoot was styled my Emmanuelle Alt and photographed by the legendary duo of Mert & Marcus. The overall vibe it gave me was slightly Hitchcock-esque with the birds in the background looking eerily like the namesakes in the movie. I have linked some of the editorial here although when I have wrote this the full editorial has not been uploaded, check for updates though.
Behind the scenes shot that has been making its way around the internet

Behind the scenes shot that has been making its way around the internet


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