Fashion News Rankings has updated their model rankings and as always, the move has come with much controversy. For those who are unaware, is basically an online database of all things modelling (including agencies and clients) and it is wonderful for reference purposes. I mainly use it to look up a model I like an see their latest work as usually all their editorials and campaigns have been uploaded and also a list of shows walked. It is infinitely useful. On, there are various lists which rank models based on their position in the industry (ie. amount and level of work done), money they are making and their popularity. The lists are updated every so often and as always, people have something to say about the changes, myself included. There have been many changes this time around (in regards to rankings, lists and requirements), all of which have caused some buzz. Read on to find out more.


Some of the changes:

  • There are now eleven lists which the models can make their way onto, with many being featured on multiple lists.
  • The supermodels lists are now split into Legends (ie. Kate Moss, Christy Turlington etc) and the New Supers, which I don’t fully agree with many of the entries on that list
  • The Top 50 is no longer ordered, you have the option to view it in alphabetical order, how many covers a model has booked (Edie Campbell having the most), how many campaigns booked (Edie Campbell topping this again), social media followers & latest updates (lets you know when a model has just booked a campaign, show or editorial).
  • There is now a Trending list which measures a model’s visibility outside of fashion, for example in movies or just in the news
  • There is a Social list which takes into account a model’s social media presence and following
  • There is a great new list which measures runway statistics and counts the amount of shows a model has walked in either a single season or a time period between the last year or two years so you can see the top catwalkers (ie. Julia Nobis & Sasha Luss) and it also tells you how many shows the model has opened and/or closed.

I welcome many of the new updates. I like how interactive the website is and how you can filter things down to your own personal requirements and what you want to see. For example, in the Runway list you can choose the time period to measure it by and also if you’re measuring by all shows or top shows (basically the big brands, a list can be found on the page).

I also like how the requirements to be on each list are clearly displayed and that we get to find out how the list actually works.

I like that the Legends list requires at least 15 years of high profile work as it means that only the true Supers can make it onto the list. I think everybody on that list is deserving of their spot, even Tyra Banks as although her modelling career has dwindled now, she is well known and internationally successful for her work outside of the modelling industry (which is another requirement of the list).


I am glad that the likes of Anna Ewers, Ondria Hardin and Elizabeth Erm have made it onto the Top 50. However, I am not happy that Cara Delevingne has been moved to the New Supers list as I don’t feel she is really deserving of that title. Same goes for Kate Upton, I like her but a supermodel she is not. I don’t really understand how someone who has been around for as little time as Cara can be classed as a supermodel before the likes of Natasha Poly, Shalom Harlow, Mariacarla Boscono, Sasha Pivovarova and Kristen McMenamy (TO NAME A FEW!!) who are mere Industry Icons despite the fact that all of the above have been working for at least 10 years and have countless campaigns, editorials and iconic moments to their name (Shalom at Alexander McQueen SS 1999 getting spray-painted anyone?). So I don’t really understand how these models are just icons when Cara for example, is now classed as a Super. That irks me.

The Money Girls and Top Sexiest are really of no concern to me so I have little to say about them. Also, I’m not big on the whole concept of the Social list as I don’t think that the number of followers one has is really an indication of their success. Nor do I have much to say about the Hot List.

What do you think about the new rankings? Are you impressed?


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