Fall 2014 Couture Week Highlights

As always at couture week we have been presented with some beautiful, detailed and intricate designs. Some were luxurious and undeniably gorgeous. There wasn’t a whole lot of ugly this time around to be honest, I liked a lot. I can only imagine how it feels to be a model wearing one of these designs, I’d be scared to move. Or even better, the lucky rich people who actually get to order the clothes we were shown this time around; the hours that go into the creation of them for them to hang in their wardrobes at home before wearing them to a débutante ball or something along those lines – oh, if only!

As usual I will do a round up of my favourite shows from this season and showcase some of my favourite looks.


Donatella does what she does best, sexy clothes. Sex is practically spelled Versace. This however is not a bad thing for the brand. The Versace woman is confident in her sexuality and you would need to be to wear much of what Donatella designs – once again, not a bad thing. Although there were a couple of odd, strange and slightly ugly looks mixed in with this collection (the one legged jumpsuit being an example which I think I included in the photo), overall it was a strong couture collection. Also, the eye make-up was on point, credit to Pat McGrath.

Atelier Versace


Ulyana Sergeenko is a designer who I favour very much. You know who her clientèle is, the rich Russians like herself. But damn, the looks are beautiful. I am hoping that over time (as Sergeenko is a relatively new designer) she will become more established and widely recognised for her craft. Her designs look expensive and seductive. Basically, if I had the money and the occasions to wear these kind of clothes, I would definitely be an Ulyana Sergeenko girl.

Ulyana Sergeenko


Hands down the most beautiful collection for Couture Week, see in full here. Truly stunning. Elie Saab is often criticised for being too repetitive, all the same etc and although that can be true, this collection was so breathtakingly brilliant that the repetition could easily be ignored. These are some of the most exquisite dresses I have seen in my entire life. I want it all.

Elie Saab


I say further down in this post that I am not a fan of red, which is true, but can be excused in this collection simply because there were so many nice dresses in red. There were also some printed jackets which I was very much a fan of. I don’t have much to say about this because I found it overall nice but not outstanding, I liked it. Also, I am sooooo here for this netting.

Armani Privé


Christian Dior was just hands down pretty. Raf and Galliano have clearly different approaches to design and I’m starting to really love Raf’s. The clothes are pretty, light and airy. And girly, definitely feminine. Also the floor length furs were to die for.

Christian Dior1

And the rest…

I loved Jean Paul Gaultier purely for the show, see photos here. After visiting the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Barbican in London I have appreciated his designs in a way that I didn’t so much before. It was truly a great exhibition and it runs until 25th August 2014 so I would take the time to visit if possible (if you haven’t already or want a second viewing). Schiaparelli was a bit too wild for my liking. As for Bouchra Jarrar, wasn’t bad but I feel like I have already seen this top in Zara so for it to be in a couture collection is slightly disappointing. Viktor & Rolf did pretty much nothing for me just because it was all red and red is not my colour. Giambattista Valli had some truly stunning pieces in the collection but overall it was not my favourite. The last few dresses in particular however are show stopping.


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