Chanel – Couture Fall 2014

This collection was so heavenly beautiful. I refuse to listen to anybody who says otherwise. Hands down Karl’s best work for a long long long looooong time!

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about how Karl is now “senile” and his designs are ugly and whatnot. Firstly, rude to call someone senile, no? Secondly, I sort of agree on the second part. Some of what Karl has made in recent seasons have been plain ugly. The designs have been boring and repetitive. But what people seem to forget is that within these “ugly” collections there are always multiple looks which are outstanding, beautiful and prove again and again that Karl has an exceptional talent.

You cannot completely write off a designer based on a couple of bad collections. Karl has a long history of being a solid designer, he is good and that is undeniable. I’d say the biggest problem with Karl is that his collections are not edited down enough. Producing around 80 looks per season means that it’s only natural that not all of them will be the best of the best. If someone sat down Karl and told him that he could only produce half of these, I can bet that his collections would be getting rave reviews as only the crème de la crème would be shown. I am clearly a Karl fan and a few bad collections can’t change my opinion on his talent.

Firstly, I was pleased to see a lack of sneakers/trainers this season. I get that it was a bit of fun but really I don’t want to see that in couture. Although we still got flat sandals, they were nice shoes so I didn’t mind. What I found truly stunning this time around was the embellishments on the dresses, everything was so intricate and purely pretty. The sequins, the stones, the weaving – all together were beautiful. A common issue with Karl at Chanel (said by someone in fashion I met recently) was an unlimited budget. Of course it was a joke but it still rang slightly true. The unlimited budget allows him to go nuts with the embellishments and patterns and pile it on top of each other which can slightly ruin it. A strike of luck this season made a beautiful collection, the pieces weren’t overdone and too much. They were beautiful.


Whilst I wasn’t totally keen on the first half of the collection, the second half was ethereal and elegant. Overall, the collection was stunning and hopefully a return to Karl’s glory because I am getting slightly sick of seeing endless criticism about him. Long live Lagerfeld!

Stunning cape on the pregnant bride

Stunning cape on the pregnant bride

PS – LOOK AT THIS EYE MAKE-UP!!!! Amaaaaziinnnng!!


Anna Cleveland, daughter of Pat Cleveland (one of Karl’s close friends and model from the 70s)


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