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Paris Fashion Week Highlights – Fall 2014

Ok, so I may be a little inexcusably late on actually getting around to writing and then posting this but the intention is all the same. I am here to discuss what I have chosen to be the best shows of Paris Fashion Week. By the time we get to Paris, although I am excited by all the big names who present here, I am exhausted. You see so many shows, collections, presentations and whatnot in such a small period of time and it becomes overwhelming. I will not lie, I can’t even remember a single stand-out show from New York. Terrible isn’t it?

Now Paris is the grand finale of the fashion weeks. The last big hurrah until next season quickly rolls around. As they say, save the best until last. I think that is exactly what has happened this season. There were multiple collections with pieces that made me stop and think “Wow, I wish I could actually own this”. The styling of many shows has also provided ample inspiration for outfits that I will try and create with pieces that I already own and also has helped add to my wish list of things I need to buy. Take this outfit  from the Louis Vuitton show for example. This is what I would class as a “look to try”. Now onto the shows..


This truly was the show that everybody was waiting for. Everyone was anticipating Nicolas’ return to fashion after the brief time off after leaving Balenciaga. In the review, Nicole Phelps stated “Few designers are as beloved, respected, or copied as Ghesquière is” and I cannot think of a more true statement. You knew the collection was going to be a winner when Freja opened hence making her runway return. It was overall a beautiful collection and I am struggling to narrow down the images to include in this post because there were truly so many incredible looks. Hopefully this collection marks a long and prosperous stay for Nicolas at LV.

Louis Vuitton


I love Olivier. I adore what he has brought to Balmain. Yes, it is slighly over the top and some may consider it tacky but I believe they need to open their minds more. What he has done at Balmain, in such a short time and at such a young age, has made the brand glorious in my opinion. Besides the constant association with Rihanna, he can do little wrong. This collection proved that statement for me. Safari chic was the goal of this collection and it achieved it to a certain extent. One thing about this collection is that it makes me want to cinch in everything I own at the waist, some experimentation is needed here. An excuse to buy a new belt perhaps?



Givenchy lost its credibility for a few seasons. When Riccardo was insistent on the sweatshirts, the hip-hop crowd got involved. Soon enough Givenchy strayed onto unknown territory, somewhat street wear. It was for rappers and fashun bloggers. Long gone were the days of Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn. However, Tisci appears to have gone in a more feminine, ladylike direction for the current season. I’m still not done with the SS collection which brought me back to full faith in the designer himself and he really has outdone himself with this one. Onto this season, a sensuous and pretty collection was created. If it has not been for the casting of Kendall Jenner in the show which absolutely reeked of nepotism (Kim & Kanye are good friends of Tisci), I would say full credibility had returned. And as Nicole Phelps said, “Nobody missed the sweatshirts.”



Luxury at its finest: the brand itself is almost a synonym of the word. Hermes represents wealth to many people with the infamous Birkin bags and their hefty price tags. To me this collection embodied that, along with sophistication and style. There was ample draping and a neutral yet appealing colour palette without any garish colours included. The slouchy, oversized proportions meant it did not look rigid and was casual and up to date. I particularly loved the relaxed looking white trouser suit.  If Scarface was remade now, Elvira’s white skirt suit would be replaced with this. PS – I know I’m supposed to have a little accent above the e but I can’t figure out how to get one for the life of me.



We all know Hedi’s aesthetic. It’s the grunge revival, modern day herion chic type vibe. Most people are bored by it, I thought I was included in that group, but I’m not. Not this season anyway. I was pretty much won over by the black fur coat with the white horizontal stripes and also the dogtooth coat as I really can’t fault that pattern.

Saint Laurent


Usually I’m not the hugest fan. However, many others are with her recent collaboration with H&M selling out rapidly with people having queued on the street for hours. This collection was the first in a long time that I have actually enjoyed. I could actually see myself wearing many of the pieces.

Isabel Marant


Ordinarily, all I love about this brand is the adverts. Normally I don’t actually care about or even like the collection but this time around I really liked it and found it to be memorable. I loved the oversized furs which would look ridiculous on most people but haughty and superior (in the best way possible) on the models.

Sonia Rykiel

And the rest…

While I was not overwhelmed or blown away by or even excited by this collection, I did like Dior (particularly the double breasted jackets). Chanel was a crazy supermarket extravaganza, a separate post on which will be coming soon. I didn’t love Miu Miu as a overall collection but I did particularly like the shoes which I found to be interesting, creative and takes you back to the original Prada backpack (the anti-luxury luxury item). The transparent plastic combined with the slanted heels were interesting and probably will be ridiculously overpriced in relation to what you are paying for.


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