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London Fashion Week Highlights – Fall 2014

London’s calling, or more specifically, London Fashion week is calling, or has called. Stop with the jokes now. Usually London is my least favourite out of the four cities as generally not very many prestigious names present there, my favourite designers present elsewhere and most of all, it is mainly new designers who I do not yet know of therefore pay little attention to. While it is becoming my mission to broaden my horizons and learn about more designers, especially those new and upcoming ones, I have not yet achieved it. Perhaps now is the right time to start? London has less allure than Milan or Paris per se.

However, this season I am staying more open-minded. I have seen non-stop posts on instagram of many bloggers and YouTubers at the shows as well as round the clock coverage from a multitude of fashion magazines. LFW in itself seems to be younger and more hip than its continental counterparts. Embracing social media and bloggers is something that New York and London seem to have in common, fashion week wise anyway. I can’t imagine too many beauty YouTubers will be invited to say Givenchy in Paris or Prada in Milan?


This is one of the few shows in London that I actually do look forward to. I enjoyed the subtle cut outs and the sheer panelling found in many pieces, especially in the trousers shown in the first look which I completely need in my life. Maybe in black too? I also really liked the asymmetric shoulders on many of the dresses. Overall I would say this is a strong, wearable collection and a good way to kick off LFW.

Felder Felder1


In general, I’m not a huge fan due to the amount of prints used. However, this season the digital prints have been left behind and even though it is the designer’s signature, I think it was a worthwhile move. Upon seeing many shots of this collection live as it was being presented on instagram I decided that I liked it which came as a surprise to me. To me the collection is interesting and different than usual. I would also like to point out how stunning Malaika Firth looked.

Mary Katrantzou


David Koma is probably my favourite designer in London. I’m glad his work is getting recognised more and more these days with people such as Naomi Campbell and Miranda Kerr wearing his designs. In December it was revealed that he was new Artistic Director for Mugler (another favourite house) and would present his first collection in September. It will be both interesting and exciting to see what he comes up with there. However, this is meant to be about this collection so back to that. Obviously I was pleased as there was a lack of prints, which generally I’m not a fan of, and lots of darker muted colours. The silhouettes were strong and the use of leather was clever and superb. I am a big fan as usual even though it was slightly reminiscent of what we have seen in the past.

David Koma


Simone Rocha is another new talent who I am a fan of and think will have a long, prosperous career in fashion. Her designs are fresh. This season’s collection didn’t fall short of my, now high, expectations. There was fur; there were embellishments; there was black; there was sheer. Basically everything I would ask for in clothing. Special mention to the (I’d like to say) snakeskin coat shown, it was divine.

Simone Rocha


Burberry was strangely beautiful. Hugely unexpected, but beautiful nonetheless. Burberry is usually pretty bland and uninspiring as it is often just a sea of trench coats, albeit many different colours and fabrics, still trench coats. This time around I loved it. Most pieces were loose and flowy and although there were a few trench coats, it was bearable and even likeable. I didn’t like the odd ponchos for the finale though.


And the rest…

Usually in London, Topshop Unique is a show that I look forward to. However, this time it just seemed a little too messy and wasn’t very cohesive which was a slight disappointment. I did love the knee high boots though. Tom Ford was pretty good besides the weird baseball type dresses saying “molly”. Christopher Kane was also a strong collection.


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