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New York Fashion Week Highlights – Fall 2014

I thought it made some kind of sense for me to just make one or two posts at the end of each fashion week instead of cluttering everything up with posts on absolutely everything. So as I did with Couture week, I am just posting what I think are the highlights and are my favourite, or most newsworthy, shows in this season. Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to talk about every single show as there are so many. As we all know, NYFW has come to and end so I thought it was now appropriate to write this post even though it is ridiculously late. Let us commence…


I loved so much from this collection. From the thigh high boots to the fluffy knits and coats, almost everything appealed to me. You can tell that many things from this collection will be recreated on the high street. I particularly liked the funnel neck jumpers as they look very cosy and warm for the winter. The colour palette of camel, cream, black and red worked well together and looked very luxe.

Helmut Lang


Victoria Beckham is my favourite celebrity designer. Usually when a famous person, non-fashion trained, begins to design it seems to be more for a hobby or an extra money supply as opposed to out of love of the craft. Beckham, on the other hand, is dedicated and has chosen to fully immerse herself 100% in fashion. This isn’t just a side project. Whilst I may be a little biased being  a Spice Girls fan as a child and Posh Spice always being my favourite, I continually like her collections. They are generally simple, wearable and well cut. While people may draw comparisons between her work and other designers, pointing out the similarity, you can’t help but fall for her clothing. Especially when you know she designs for herself, she lives in her own brand which is nice to see as it is always a good sign if the designer would wear it themselves. This collection was a little different than what she usually does and as usual remained wearable and visually pleasing. It was also mainly monochrome so I can’t complain about that.

Victoria Beckham


Coloured fur is now a thing. Full stop. Also shown at Marc Jacobs was pastel furs and I for one am a fan. Fur was used wherever possible: as hand warmers, on collars, on coats. Lots of relaxed dressing was shown and some slightly oversized silhouettes. The only thing I can fault is this giant, massively disproportionate yeti style coat. Besides that, it was a strong collection for the 25th anniversary of the brand.

BCBG Max Azria


It was the return of Vlada, the Russian should-be-princess who absolutely made the show for me.  To my understanding, the first section of this collection was the introduction of the POLO line for women, the second half was regular Ralph Lauren. The colour palette was a good mixture of grey, pink, purple and white hence making me feel a  calm, soothing vibe. I don’t like overtly bright colours and never wear them personally therefore this collection suited my taste well. There was lots of slouchy but well fitting trousers along with a few injections of fur. Overall, this is one of my favourite collections of New York.

Ralph Lauren


Marc Jacobs was all airy, fairy, clouds in the sky. And it worked. And it was beautiful. And most of all, it was a huge change from last season. A change for the better! Now that he has left Louis Vuitton and handed over the reigns for Marc by Marc Jacobs, his diffusion line, to work full time on his own main brand, all efforts will be focused on it. So far, I am pleased. However, Marc cast Kendall Jenner in this show which in my eyes is a big no-no. I feel that this may have just been a bit of a publicity stunt due to the buzz she generates. It was not worth it, more people are speaking about her rather than the show.  There was also some really ugly pieces in the offering (old men’s nightshirts?) and the wigs were awful. This collection, however, generally is wonderfully whimsical and I am a fan.

Marc Jacobs



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