Viva Glum

The campaign is called Viva Glam. Why have you entitled this Viva Glum then? It’s not a spelling error, it is intentional. This year MAC has teamed up with Rihanna, again.

Every year MAC Cosmetics collaborates with a celebrity to produce a lipstick and matching lip glass to be sold to the public with 100% of the proceeds donated to MAC’s AIDS fund. They aim to help those affected by HIV/AIDS which an estimated 35.3 million people suffer from worldwide as of the end of 2012. Along with the limited edition lipstick which is created each year, a collection of 6 permanent shades are available year round. My personal favourite out of the bunch is Viva Glam II.

Yes, the past two years Nicki Minaj has been the spokeswoman for the cause creating two different lipsticks two consecutive years in a row but now it’s Rihanna again. While her previous collaborations with MAC haven’t been Viva Glam, I am sick of her and the brand working together. All entitled RiRi Hearts Mac, the first collaboration that came along was her take on the infamous lipstick Ruby Woo changed to be called RiRi Woo. Then came a further summer, fall and holiday collection and now we have her for a whole other year doing Viva Glam.

My problem is that there are plenty other celebrities who could be used to endorse the campaign besides Rihanna. MAC have already worked with her for a year. Yes all the collections have sold well but it doesn’t mean all the customers want to see Rihanna everywhere all the damn time. Rihanna has however managed to create a lipstick which will undoubtedly sell well. She has also somehow managed to get MAC to make a custom packaging for her lipstick, having an all red bullet, which isn’t usually done. This will likely lead to high sales which can only be a positive considering the good cause.

Viva Glam started back in 1994 with RuPaul as the face, who is subsequently back this year as well. Other previous spokespeople have been Lil Kim, Dita Von Teese, Fergie, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga amongst many others. While the lipstick is for a good cause, unfortunately I don’t think I will be spending my money on it as red is really not my colour. Rihanna being the spokeswoman may also be another contributing factor.

Next year I can only hope MAC make a different choice. There really are plenty more people out there besides Rihanna you know. I will leave you with some images from previous Viva Glam campaigns.

Also, learn more about the Viva Glam campaign and the work which the sales proceeds go towards at



Lil Kim & Mary J Blige

Lil Kim & Mary J Blige

Debbie Harry & Dita Von Teese

Debbie Harry & Dita Von Teese

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga


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