Isabel Marant pour H&M

H&M’s designer collaborations are sometimes seen as a way for us normal people to get a taste of luxury. Often the designer collaborations are the closest we will ever get to the brand itself.  Isabel Marant has never been a brand that I got excited about but I was hoping for a lot more from this collection and I will not pretend that I’m not disappointed with this. Regardless, the demand is likely to be huge.
No doubt people will be preparing to queue up for hours on end for the collections to launch and the stores to open, the website may even crash again like what happened with the Versace collab (which I missed out on). Nonetheless, I expect that this will be a huge success for H&M and Isabel Marant alike, combining the fast fashion world with one of the designers that it has most likely copied in the past.

I read somewhere online that each person is allowed to buy 4 of each item but no more which is a prevention measure in an attempt to stop the pieces being sold for obscene prices on eBay. Seems like a good enough idea but I feel like it wont actually work. There is always somebody who will list a piece online and a bidding war will break out and before you know it, hundreds, maybe even thousands are spent on an item which cost around £100 in the store.

I’m not planning to purchase anything myself but I am going shopping on Saturday so I will have a look in my local H&M and see if there is anything left. However, if I was going to buy anything I would get….

Classic slouchy ankle boots

Classic slouchy ankle boots

Double breasted coats are my weakness, I would buy thousands if I could

Double breasted coats are my weakness, I would buy thousands if I could

If worn correctly, could look effortlessly cool

If worn correctly, could look effortlessly cool

In general, I don’t like the patterns used as I really am not one for patterns. I like plain, block colours with maybe a simple and subtle pattern but nothing too much. If any of you are bearing the mad rush, I wish you luck. Maybe on Saturday I will find some dregs that have been left and pick something up myself.


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